Vlogmas 2022 Day 2: Just Don’t Click


Information theft and ransomware are two of the most widespread cybersecurity problems we face today. Individuals and organizations of all sizes are suffering significant losses. I’ve talked about the technical issues before, but today, I’m going to focus on the basics everyone needs to know to protect themselves, their families, and their business.

Secure Portable Media


Protecting data on USB memory sticks and portable USB drives might make the difference between losing some hardware and the expense and embarrassment of a data breach. In this week’s episode of SecurityGuy, I discuss a few different options as well as the products I use to protect client data on a day-to-day basis. This is not a sponsored video, and there are no affiliate links. I only...

Bill C-11 (Canada)


This week’s episode of SecurityGuy is about Canadian Bill C-11: An Act to enact the Consumer Privacy Protection Act and the Personal Information and Data Protection Tribunal Act and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts. (Say that three times quickly!)

Multi-factor Authentication


This week’s episode of SecurityGuy is about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Why do we need it? How should it work? What choices do developers have? And which MFA solution is best?

While I recommend Yubico’s YubiKey products, this video is not sponsored, nor do I have any relationship with the companies mentioned other than as a customer.



Protect yourself, your family, and your small business against malware including viruses, spyware, and ransomware. In this episode of SecurityGuy, I discuss common types of malware, how to avoid them, and most importantly, how to protect your data. Or, for those who prefer audio only, episodes are now live on and most places you get your podcasts (still waiting on Apple). Disclosures:...

Cybersecurity 101


I’ve worked in cybersecurity for more than 25 years, dealing with issues that range from security governance and policy to product design and technical security issues. One of the challenges that my colleagues and I face is that few people have been taught the basics of cybersecurity, making security discussions more difficult than they need to be. Questions like, “Is this product...

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