The Latest on LastPass


This post began as a note on Slack, but given the length and subject matter, I decided a blog post would be more appropriate. Brian Krebs did a fantastic job, as usual, in his Sept 5 article on cryptocurrency thefts that may be connected to the 2022 LastPass breach (or possibly breaches). To be clear, I write “may” because I have no involvement or first-hand information, but in my...

Vlogmas 2022 Day 2: Just Don’t Click


Information theft and ransomware are two of the most widespread cybersecurity problems we face today. Individuals and organizations of all sizes are suffering significant losses. I’ve talked about the technical issues before, but today, I’m going to focus on the basics everyone needs to know to protect themselves, their families, and their business.

Yet another domain renewal scam


Updated 2021-02-25 with response from TrustedSite. Criminals will try almost anything to separate people from their money. Here is another example of another unsophisticated scam that some domain owners may, unfortunately, fall victim to.In summary, website owners may receive a message like this one through the contact form on their site. I have redacted the domain name and removed hyperlinks so...

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