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I’ve worked in cybersecurity for more than 25 years, dealing with issues that range from security governance and policy to product design and technical security issues. One of the challenges that my colleagues and I face is that few people have been taught the basics of cybersecurity, making security discussions more difficult than they need to be.

Questions like, “Is this product secure?” seem simple, and people are sometimes frustrated when in response they are asked about how they intend to use the product and in what environment. Security means different things to different people, and it is often very contextual: a complete set of security controls that is appropriate in one circumstance may be excessive or woefully inadequate in another.

I decided to start a YouTube channel for three reasons:

  1. There is a lot of misinformation about security on the Internet. Some is the result of oversimplification or a limited understanding of the topic, some is from companies trying to scare people into buying products they don’t need, and some is just plain wrong.
  2. The amount of money being lost due to cybercrime is staggering, and it is damaging the global economy.
  3. A lot of cybersecurity information is complicated, giving people the impression that you have to be an expert to understand it. Yes, there are some very technical areas, and consulting an expert is often a good idea. But everyone can learn the basics of cybersecurity and how to protect themselves, their family, and their business.

The first video on my new YouTube channel is a cybersecurity primer entitled “Cybsersecurity 101” that explains the basics and provides a framework upon which we can build in future videos.

Please take the time to view this 14 minute video and let me know what you think. I’m planning a series of videos on various cybersecurity topics and any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

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